Directory Structure

System Tree

Directory Description
/ Root.
/bsd/ BSD sub-system.
/sys/ System files and data.
/sys/setup Initial system configuration utilities and default data.
/repo/ Local programs of all types.
/repo/applications Local applications.
/repo/daemons Local services.
/repo/features Local features.
/repo/scripts Local scripts.
/repo/services Local services.
/storage/devices/ Mountpoint for user files trees (datasets).
/storage/trees/ Mountpoint for user files trees (datasets).

Why repository ?

┬╣The modern world is filled with apps, so much so that a simple program folder isn't suitable anymore. Additionaly packaged and portable applications like .AppImage is out of scope of what a traditional program folder is mant to be. That's why ArtefactOS approach is to manage lcoal software the same way as repository.

User Tree (default)

Directory Description
/ User tree root.
/media BSD sub-system.