Graphical User Environment

No need, No see

ArtefactOS Userland is built upon a simple and helpful philosophy, “no need, no see”, with whom we introduce contextual graphical modeling. For boundaries, a non-touch display with no active activity should be as blank as a digital picture frame with clock and interactions available on nearby controllers should not be on-screen, as controllers are meant to dispose small displays comparable to a classical OS task bar/menu.

The principals interactions element are; • A system-wide search field which allow elements & entities searching, quick commands and automated inputs such as bar-code scanning. • An activity bar, for open tasks. • And contextual elements such as media controls when now playing. • Integrated browsing with frameless website navigation. Bookmarks directly in the “start menu” equivalency.

Virtual Machine Integration

With Artefact, virtual machines are integrated to the graphical environment as workspace, just like multiple desktops.